Sally McMullin

Sally McMullin has served the “I Have A Dream” Foundation – Dallas for nearly 20 years, with experience in program and leadership roles. She considers her work to be a mission and not a job, and her primary focus is making sure the children she serves do not fall through the cracks simply because they lack equal access to resources and education. She believes the work of “I Have A Dream” is to provide Dreamers with the same tools for success their peers in fully resourced neighborhoods enjoy.

Growing up in an under-resourced community herself, Sally advocates for her Dreamers the way she wishes someone had for her. She takes a particular interest in ensuring that the students she serves have a voice and their voices are heard, regardless of their zip code.

In her Dreamers, Sally sees future educators, senators, judges, community activists, entrepreneurs, and anywhere else their dreams may take them. As adult members of the community, she believes we have a responsibility as a collective humanity to never give up on children not born to privilege and instead equip them with the resources they need to reach their full potential.

Sally hopes you will join her on her mission of filling up their toolboxes with the tools they so desperately need to succeed.